Dave Dombrowski is out as Tigers GM, and it's not entirely clear whether he was fired, quit, or basically put the Tigers in a position where they had no choice but to fire him. ESPN's Buster Olney suggests that Dombrowski was forced to get rid of Price and Cespedes and not on board with being sellers rather than buyers.

Dombrowski's replacement, Al Avila, who was Dombrowski's assistant GM, said he was offered the GM job on Saturday, the day after the trade deadline, which aligns somewhat with Olney's suggestion. One can envision that ownership told Dombrowski to sell, he said I will do what you ask, but here is my resignation since it appears you are no longer behind me.

Avila's press conference suggests he is going to be the Tiger's GM next year, rather than simply filling the position in an interim role through the end of the year. Keeping Avila further suggests that the Tigers really didn't want to let Dombrowski go, because if you really didn't like the direction he was taking, why would you hire his right-hand man to permanently replace him. At best Avila is going to have the same approach as Dombrowski, and at worst is no better if not worse than Dombrowski.

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